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Aluminum Foil Silicon Paper and PE Rewinding and Cutting Machine

  • HAFA-850
  • Aluminum, Silicon Paper and PE
  • Electric
  • Aluminum Foil Rewinding and Cutting Machine
  • Cutting Machine
  • 4000mm*1550mm*1750mm
  • 7607119000
  • Customized
  • Automatic
  • Saw Cutting
  • Rewinding Machine
  • Customer Required
  • China
    Operation Manual
I. Application
The machine is the fully automatic shunt winding and cutting machine with foil-type materials. It
is researched by Zhangjiagang Fineness Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. in the latest time and applied to
the shunt winding processing work of the soft foil materials.
Because of this machine adopts advanced PLC as control system, realize the complete machine
run, automatic feeding and baiting; aluminum foil cut long settings and display; stepless speed
adjusting and display of the aluminum foil run line speed; shutoff control; fault auto-diagnosis etc.
function. Aluminum foil transmit, the squirrel-cage rotation is adopt inverter and servo motor
driver. Thus this machine has simple operation, safe and reliable, high automation degree and the
highest production efficiency.
II.Main technical parameter
1,(Thickness of Raw Material): 0.009-0.025mm
2,(Width of Raw Material): 250-600mm
3,(Maximun Unwinding Diameter): φ600mm
4,(Inner Diameter of Raw Material Roll Core): φ75mm,φ150mm
5,(Inner Diameter of Finished Product Roll Core):φ25mm,φ30mm,φ38 mm
6,(Cutting Length of Roll): 3-300m
7,(Production Efficiency): 2-3m/sec
8.(Decoil Centering Stroke): +/-20mm
9.(Air Pressure): 0.5Mpa
10.(Engine Model):
Siemens panel, Mitsubishi servo , Mitsubishi PLC, Omron meter counter
(Traction Motor):Y100L -4 (Asynchronous Motor)
(Squirrel-cage Rotary Motor) : P60B 8200 (Servo Motor)
(Rotary Glue Motor) : 100YCJ120-3AP (Reduction Motor)
11.(Magnetic Powder Brake): 25N.m
12.(Magnetic Powder Cluch) : 25N.m
13.(Overal Dimension):(Length)4000mm (Width)1550mm (High) 1750mm
14.(Total Power): approx 4.5KW
15.(Total Weight): approx 1700Kg
III. Main structure and adjustment
HAFA850 model household aluminum foil cutting machine, The major components of
decoiling department, roller and foil materials traction system; rotary automatic received foil
system, tube feeding system, winding system, ultraviolet disinfection system, due to its reasonable
layout, thus complete machine is compact structure, beautiful appearance. Each part of the
function, structural features and adjustment as follows:
1. Decoiling department:
The mechanism for centering and horizontal adjustment is established in this part to rotate the
adjustable hand wheel in different mechanisms for the purpose of centering the volume and
paralleling the volume axis and post roller axis. The stroke range of both centering and horizontal
adjustment is ±20mm.
2. Stretch roller:
A group of post rollers and several stretching processes are established from the rolling-up to the
traction roller so as to eliminate the tension pulsation and wrinkling phenomenon when the
volume is out-of-round and ensure the flat and wrinkling free aluminum foil when the foil
materials enters the winding parts.
3. Foil material traction system:
The traction system is the main power part for foil material transmission while the driving adopts
AC frequency control inductor motor. The transmission utilizes the chain mode to ensure it is
carried out on a steady and gapless basis. The rubber pressing roller action is in pneumatic
compression mode. The
height of the stop screw under the sliding blocks on both ends is adjusted and the size of the
pressing force can be adjusted arbitrarily.
4. Rotary automatic received foil system:
The pneumatic sealing rotation squirrel-cage structure is adopted in this part, finishing rolling up,
handover, winding, crosscut and place rolling down and other actions automatically. The system
adopts imported electromagnetic clutch to control the tension and the slip torque number can be
set arbitrarily. PLC is controlled automatically and the winding speed can be arbitrarily established
and displayed in the operation panel and within the range of ≤ 50 meter/minute according to the
production requirements. The cylinder electromagnetic valve is the products from Taiwan. Since
the part is the core of the whole machine, it demands a high precision of processing and assembly.
When the user carries out production, it is necessary to change the corresponding revolving knife
according to the length of the paper core and then adjust the spacing of the flange rotary table
along the direction of the squirrel-cage axis to make the upper and lower tube smooth. If the
internal diameter of the die changes, professional maintenance personnel shall be sent to change
the cone roof on the two flanges rotary tables accordingly.
5. Tube feeding system:
The automatic paper tube core, sizing, tube-sending positioning and other functions are
established on the structure. The loading box of the paper tube is in loading mechanism of the
slope electric vibration type to ensure smooth loading of in consequence. It is active type on both
sides with the width of the ring offset 30-35mm. As for the adjustment of the spacing among the
rings, the axial direction can be used to adjust three rubber rollers to adjust the spacing. The
adjusted spacing shall be based on the spacing of two squirrel-cage flange tables. The sizing
mechanism is realized by adopting the imprinted ring offset. The spring pressure on both ends of
the rubber rollers shall be regulated to control the thickness of the gluing layer.
6. Winding system:
The winding system is divided into slope material receiving and stainless steel chain with take-up
for material receiving. After the squirrel-cage carries out blanking, it will rolls along the slope and
finishes the winding of the material tail. When the revolving knife carries out action, the volume
will accurately fall into the take-up table in the stainless steel chain by linkage mechanism. Finally,
it will be brought out by the belt of the chain. The winding driving is in type of imported AC servo
motor and the interval motion of which is controlled by PLC. Meanwhile, it will drive the rolling
up driving and squirrel-cage which carry out synchronized motion to rotate on an interval basis.
7. Ultraviolet disinfection system
Ultraviolet disinfection system is established between the spring off-roller and traction roller to
carry out ultraviolet disinfection to the positive and negative side of the aluminum foil at the same
time to guarantee the health requirements of the food and package etc. When pulling through
material or repairing the ultraviolet lamps, it is only necessary to open the front door of the
disinfection box and it shall be closed when working. The number of the ultraviolet lamps is 2 in
total with 20W for each one.
8. When the adjustment interrupt cylinders, open the window of protective cover.
IV. Operating instructions as follows (The switch position see electric cabinet side diagram)
1. Readiness for running:
First, check the power voltage <Three-phase 380V, single-phase 220V >, switch on the main
power, in turn switch on the frequency power switch, servo power switch and control parts power
switch. Inverter, servo drive shows standby. Microcomputer controller to display name of our
company and contact way.
2. Automatic tube feeding:
The servo motor will drive the squirrel-cage to rotate by pressing the upper tube electric button
beside the lower frame. The paper tube can be clipped on the squirrel-cage automatically (note:
the action works when the traction foil-feeding stops)
3. Setting of the cutting length:
The establishment of the cutting length means the length settings needed by each volume of
aluminum foil.The microcomputer controller researched by our company in the latest is able to set length within
the range of <3-300 meters> with simple and visual setting process. The setting method is as follows:(if it's siemens touch screen panel,Please refer to extra instruction)
Press+ to introduce other interface and press + again to enter the working interface. Press S to
enter the fixed-length setting and press S again until the number flashes. Press M to move the digit
and press + --to modify number. Press S to keep setting and press + to exit. Press- to enter the
working interface.
Traction separation, traction stitching:
The traction stitching and traction separation button on the operation panel of the electric box are
used for controlling the separation and stitching of the traction roller of the aluminum foil.
5. Operation:
Open the disinfection lamp and start the gluing motor. Press the operation button <The operation
panel of the electric box owns the same function with the operation stop button beside the frame>
the machine enters the operation working status.
The traction motor starts foil delivery and the speed knob shall be regulated to make the speed of
the traction foil feeding reach the preset speed. <Note: speed adjustment is in type of stepless
speed regulation>
The microcomputer controller finishes tube feeding and foil break motion according to the set
length automatically and then displays seed <meter/second> records the quantity. <Note: the foil
feeding speed shall not be adjusted too frequently to avoid influencing the precision>.
6. Stop the operation:
Press the stop button on the operation panel of the electric box or the emergency button beside the
frame to stop the operation of the equipment.
HAFA850   Machine Packing List
1. Aluminum Foil Rewinding And Cutting Machine: 1 Unit
2. (Accessories):
(Inner Hexagon Spanner): 1 Piece
(Screw Wrench): 1 Piece
(Chuck Wrench): 1 Piece
(Blade Adapter): 1 Piece
(Squirrel-cage Top Tube Plate): 1 Set
(Inflatable Mouth): 1 Piece
(Gasket Ring): 30 (30 pieces: 10 pieces per item)
(Top-head): φ30; φ35mm :1 set respectively



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